tipmebch: A Bitcoin Cash tipping bot for Telegram app

Tipprbot is cool. It works well. It allows people to give tips to people whose words and thoughts they might find meaningful, agreeable, or, at the very least, arguable. Bitcoin Cash smooths out the process of sending and receiving tips from user to user. The bot’s hosted code does the rest.

Now, not everyone willing to support and donate great content with Bitcoin Cash is on Twitter or Reddit. Some dwell at the instant-messaging platform called Telegram. How to send and receive tips from there then? r/BitcoinArtist’s tipmebch bot does just that.

Telegram is a messaging platform that offers one of the best encryption algorithms in the instant messaging (IM) space. While other proprietary communications platforms rely on a core branded platform—Messenger for Facebook, Hangouts for Google—to identify with, Telegram offers a unique, singular experience.

The platform has all the standard features of a messaging app, and currently supports authentication methods across multiple devices. It can also send files like .doc, .zip, .mp3 and many others. Perhaps the most interesting feature of Telegram is the ability to create ‘channels’ or groups with up to 100,000 people subscribed to a lead user, which is oftentimes an organization or business sending out regular updates.

Because of its public availability and wide reach, Telegram’s open platform became popular with discussion groups in the cryptocurrency community. Recently, Telegram also announced its attempt at leveraging blockchain technology through its own cryptocurrency called TON, one that is embedded into its existing system.

Pardon the digression. Now let’s get back to tipmebch, an inline bot developed for transferring Bitcoin Cash through Telegram. It’s a simple implementation of Telegram’s open development for bots, and works through an integration made by the author. Telegram users may send commands to the bot or invite it into their groups.

Below are a few screenshots of the Telegram bot in action:

Here, it indicates the commands currently available for the bot to respond to. Bitcoin Cash users must be wary though, as the bot itself says in its introduction that it is “not a wallet,” hence “Your funds will be lost if there are bugs.” The bot is currently at version v1.0.0 and is maintained by Andreas Brekken, a cryptocurrency developer who has been working since 2011. The bot’s feature branch on Github may be viewed here.

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