PrimeXM Adds New Functionality to XCore System

XCore system, a provider of FX bridge ‎aggregation and hosting solutions, has upgraded its functionality and added new connectivity options, all built to cater to the different needs of their institutional clients .

One of the newly-added features called ‘Whitelist IP Addresses for XCore Connectors.’ This tool allows XCore users to get direct access to the list of IP addresses they want to whitelist in order to use new connectors. It also enables them to update their selected IPs of existing connectors without the help of PrimeXM support team.

Among the benefits of the new functionality that XCore has just rolled out, the whitelisting tool simplifies FIX clients onboarding, rapid deployment of new connector. It also improves compliance, security and troubleshooting tasks.

PrimeXM also advertised the addition of a system rollback solution and provided specific scenarios in which it can be used. Dubbed ‘Backup and Restore Configuration,’ the upgrade allows users encountering technical glitches to use the inbuilt tools from XCore recovery suite to restore their system to an operable state or a recent restoration point without any involvement from the support team.

The backup and restore feature on the ‘XCore Pending Config Component’ enables users to automate how and when recover the system from last saved configurations. Other key features include allowing to save and restore up to 5 XCore setting backups which helps avoid time-consuming and complex manual corrections on settings.

PrimeXM undergoes a series of initiatives

XCore offers low latency order routing and pricing ‎engine, giving the institutions the opportunity to ‎connect to a wide range of liquidity providers. Furthermore, ‎XCore is installed in PrimeXM’s infrastructure in Equinix ‎data centers, allowing for the efficient management of the entire brokerage business in a centralized environment.‎

Founded in 2010, PrimeXM’s key business focus is providing aggregation software, low-latency connectivity, hosting solutions, and high-end MT4/MT5 bridging and white labels. The Swiss-based ‎technology company also offers a MetaTrader 5 Gateway low-latency connectivity to over 120 providers of forex and CFD liquidity.

In addition to their primary product XCore, PrimeXM offers hosting services in the most popular data centers used by the FX industry, such as Equinix LD4, NY4, and TY3, which enables clients to house their trading systems and algos in co-location to their execution engine and liquidity providers.

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