Hackers used Telegram for hidden mining

According to the Russian company Kaspersky Lab, hackers use Telegram to infect users with malicious software that allows you to mine such crypto-currencies as Monero and Zcash using a foreign computer.

This attack is the latest case of an ongoing trend, where cybercriminals capture users' devices for their own purposes. So, more recently, there was information that hackers are grabbing millions of Android-devices for mining the digital currency Monero.

According to Kaspersky Lab's report, hackers have been using Telegram since last March. To infect users, cybercriminals have used a function that allows Telegram to recognize text in Arabic and Hebrew, languages ​​that are read from right to left.

Kaspersky noted that malicious software was found only in the Russian Federation, this is indicated by the code used by the attackers. He also added that Telegram is not the only vulnerable messenger since last month a vulnerability was discovered in WhatsApp, which allowed criminals to steal messages.

The Russian firm contacted Telegram on this issue back in October, and by November the problem had been fixed. On the technical channel, Telegram explained that malicious software worked only after installation.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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