Exclusive: Gold-i Partners with Conv.rs, to Expand Broker Comms Channels

Gold-i, a trading systems integration specialist for the ‎financial services ‎industry, has formed a new industry partnership, with the company announcing exclusively to Finance Magnates this Wednesday that it has teamed up with Conv.rs.

Conv.rs is a personalised customer engagement platform, which changes the way brokers using MetaTrader communicate with clients. Namely, it enables brokers to engage with their customers using any messaging apps, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and Line.

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Gold-i partnership aimed at younger generations

Gold-i CEO Tom Higgins

Commenting on the partnership, Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i said in the statement: “We are delighted that Conv.rs selected Gold-i to be its test-bed for MetaTrader and believe that Conv.rs is truly pushing boundaries in terms of client communications for MetaTrader brokers. 

“As younger generations begin trading, it is important that brokers don’t communicate with them in traditional ‘old school’ ways of phone calls and emails but in the ways they find most accessible – this will accelerate global business opportunities for brokers and I believe is one of the biggest technology innovations we have seen for MetaTrader brokers in recent times.”

The technology is integrated directly with the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. According to the statement seen exclusively by Finance Magnates, once the client has chosen their preferred method of communication, the broker is then able to communicate either via a Bot or direct communication.

Enis Mehmet, Co-Founder, Conv.rs

“Gold-i shares our vision for leading the market, not following the pack and was the ideal company to partner with, with a proven track record in innovation,” added Enis Mehmet, Co-Founder, Conv.rs. “They have provided us with excellent support with deep integrations with MT4 and MT5.”

Conv.rs’ Bot has an auto-translate feature, which can cater to more than 50 languages. This includes Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese, allowing brokers to communicate with clients who don’t speak the broker’s native language.

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