Devexperts Allows Traders to Make Custom Indicators on Charting Tool

Devexperts, which is a technology provider to retail and institutional brokers, has now enabled traders to build customized indicators and apply them in charts to help them better in analyzing the markets.

According to the press release shared with Finance Magnates, the customized feature will be available for DXcharts, which is the company’s proprietary charting solution. 

The customization can be done using the DXscript scripting language. The German company also stressed that its proprietary scripting language is very easy to use, and traders can write customization scripts with very basic programming skills.

Traders can also share the customized indicators or make them open-source.

Growing Demand for Trading Tech

“DXcharts allows financial news websites to have their own branded charting app, encouraging readers to remain onsite,” the announcement stated. “The branded charting app also reduces the risk of losing readers as they will no longer be forwarded to third-party charting provider websites. DXcharts is also available as a stand-alone widget for analytical and trading platforms. This is beneficial for brokers with DXcharts becoming a value-added tool for their traders.”

Other offerings of the company include trading platforms, order management and risk management systems, and FIX/FAST gateways. It also provides an options pricing engine and AI-based virtual assistants.

Earlier this year, Devexperts expanded the features of its trading platforms by adding support for global securities. It also strengthened its offerings with the integration of the solutions of GCEX to meet the growing forex and crypto liquidity demand within its client base.

The company also partnered with several Turkish financial service firms, Osmanlı Yatırım and TEB Yatırım, providing trading technologies to them.

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