Cryptomatoes: Mining farms for growing vegetables

Over the past couple of years, there has been much discussion about the energy consumed by crypto-currency mining. However, even more discussions are taking place on the topic of excess thermal energy produced by these mining farms.

There is a huge number of places in which this energy can be sent. This week co-founder of the trading platform Nakamoto X, Kamil Breic, published a picture of a greenhouse with tomatoes, which is heated by mining facilities.

Breic, showed a photograph of large bunches of tomatoes that were grown using excess heat from crypto-currency miners.

Workplaces and computer servers in general allocate a decent amount of heat, and many supporters of crypto currency use this energy for heating homes and everything else.

Breich explains that "Cryptomatoes" became a reality after they developed a system that helps redirect excess heat to the greenhouse.

"Who would have thought that mining farms and agriculture could work together?", – wrote Breic in his Twitter. He also said that the first batch of tomatoes is ready for harvesting.

Mining farms in agriculture

Breich says that the project remained in the shadows because the team plans to launch the Blockchain-startup Agritechture. However, he introduced some clarity in what was happening and told about the greenhouse with tomatoes.

Its area is about 5 acres. Journalists asked Breach why the team did not grow cannabis plants with so much excess heat.

"Unfortunately, because of local strict rules, we could not get a license to cultivate medical marijuana, so we had to choose instead tomatoes and other vegetables", – answered Breic.

We also produce our own energy. Mining farms are powered by 100%.
According to Breic, people will be able to buy tomatoes in supermarkets. He says that the team developed a system called Cointainer, which is located in the basement, and excess heat is blown into the greenhouses through ventilation.

All complaints about excessive use of electricity in crypto-currency mining are offset by the fact that the process has a closed energy cycle. This means that all the energy that goes to the mining farms for the main process goes to the next stage of the cycle and helps to grow fruits and vegetables.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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