23% of organizations around the world have become victims of the Coinhive virus

The Coinhive virus continues to spread. It has already suffered a large number of organizations around the world. As you know, the virus helps attackers in the mining of crypto-currency.

Representatives of Check Point Software Technologies on cybersecurity, stated:

«Coinhive attacks large-scale organizations. Since January 2018 about 23% of companies have already been infected. "

Researchers believe that the virus is included in the TOP-10 most malicious. Behind it – JSECoin and Cryptoloot, which are also software for hidden mining.

Scammers use Javascript, due to which the crypto currency is extracted in the browser. At the same time, the load on the computer becomes visible to users.

The virus is spread by moving to sites that are most often designed to watch online video. He was also seen on file sharing. Cyber ​​security specialists believe that the software is used to extract the Montero crypto currency.

Provide protection is difficult. Most often, such software is hidden on Internet resources, which allows attackers to remain undetected.

Maya Horowitz, manager of the analytical team Check Point stated the following:

"The past few months, such viruses have become a serious threat to companies. Their creators believe that such a source of profit is very profitable. "

Previously, Kaspersky Lab said that they had noticed and removed a vulnerability in the Telegram messenger, which was also used to extract crypto currency. According to representatives of Kaspersky Lab, the virus was launched in the spring of last year and was used for mining Monero and Zcash.

In January 2018, hackers managed to infect more than a thousand sites, including resources of the US government and the UK. The problem was identified by a security expert – Scott Helme, who said that the software is distributed through the Browsealoud plug-in.

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