‘They’ve had plenty!’ Raab says France will NOT get paid to deal with migrants

Dr Shola and Andrea Leadsom in furious migrant row

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Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab told Sky News’ Kay Burley that Britain has “lived up to its responsibilities” in assisting the French with the English Channel migrant crisis, despite the French claiming the UK never paid a promised £54 million to deal with the record number of crossings.

Asked by Ms Burley why the UK never paid the sum, Mr Raab slammed back insisting the UK does not owe a penny.

He slammed: “I think the French have had plenty of investment! We have lived up to our responsibilities!”

“This is a shared responsibility.”

Mr Raab went on to suggest migrants should be assessed “in the fast country they arrive in” as he appeared to shift the responsibility for the crisis to the continent.

The Justice Secretary noted how he recognised the French have a problem of migrants crossing into France from both the south and the east of Europe through Belarus. 

Despite the tension over migrant responsibility between the UK and France Mr Raab noted how the two countries agree that migrants should be assessed in the first country they arrive in.

But in a veiled jab at French President Emmanuel Macron Mr Raab went on to say the UK should be “mindful” that the upcoming French election may be influencing the French behaviour towards the migrant crisis.

Pulled up on the comments he said that is the “reality” of the crisis and was adamant Macron is playing politics with the crisis.

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