Suella Braverman orders stop ‘playing the system’ on asylum

GB News: French minister slammed for calling out the UK over asylum seekers

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The Cabinet minister said the Judicial Review and Courts Bill will “bring an end to the practice of using our courts for political purposes” 

“We need to draw a line under those who play the system through our courts on immigration and asylum,” she added. 

The event was organised by MPs from the Common Sense Group and Blue Collar Conservatives.

Tory MP Sir John Hayes said the fightback against the “bolsheviks and bourgeois liberals” that have infiltrated the media, judiciary and civil service has begun.

He said not only do they disregard the wishes of working people, they “regard them with disdain” and it was time now for “full blooded” conservatism that is proud of the country.

Conservative MP Esther McVey said Conservatives stand for social mobility and extending opportunities to all.

Ms McVey saud the government had been swept off course by covid but now it is time to let people “take control of their own lives”.

Daily Express Editor Gary Jones told the packed event that “loyalty, integrity, decency, hard work” were values that resonate with our readers.

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