Sue Gray’s partygate QC Daniel Stilitz exposed as Boris-bashing Labour-supporting Remoaner

Laura Kuenssberg exposes 'staggering' Sue Gray finding

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A barrister who has been advising senior civil servant Sue Gray in her Whitehall partygate report deleted his account on the social media platform Twitter after it emerged he had uploaded several controversial posts. When Ms Gray published her heavily redacted report in January, Mr Stilitz was listed alongside the Treasury solicitor as providing “independent advice to the process”.

Daniel Stilitz, who attended Oxford University just a couple of years after the Prime Minister graduated, made critical comments about Boris Johnson and the UK’s departure from the European Union.

The posts appear to suggest Mr Stilitz was a card-carrying member of the Labour Party and supporter of the People’s Vote campaign.

In 2016, Mr Stilitz said: “Leavers can’t name a single reputable academic study which says we’ll be better outside the EU.”

Writing about negotiations with the Brussels bloc, he later said: “EU should negotiate pre-Art 50, and give us a bad deal.

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“That deal will then be rejected in a second referendum, and we’ll end up staying in.”

However, Mr Stilitz also resigned from the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn in May 2018 after claiming it had become too “pro-Brexit”.

He later said: “Why not join Labour? Now seems as good a time as any.”

Taking aim at Mr Johnson, he retweeted a claim the Prime Minister was “reckless” and “dangerous”.

Widening his attack on Mr Johnson’s party in 2019, Stilitz added: “The Government’s current rhetoric is nothing compared to the bile they’ll serve up during the forthcoming election campaign.”

Mr Johnson has had a turbulent few months as Prime Minister following reports lockdown-breaching parties had been held inside Downing Street while Brits faced Covid-curbing restrictions.

Number 10 revealed earlier this month that Mr Johnson and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak had been notified they had received fixed-term penalty notices following Scotland Yard’s Operation Hillman investigation.

Both the Prime Minister and his Chancellor have since paid off their fines.

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More than 50 people have so far been fined for breaking coronavirus regulations by attending illegal gatherings.

However, Mr Johnson could face further problems in the future after it was reported Ms Gray’s report could force the Prime Minister to resign from Number 10.

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