Sorry, Nicola! Sturgeon told it would take DECADE for an independent Scotland to rejoin EU

Brexit: Scotland to face ‘decade’ before EU re-entry says Rogers

Sir Ivan Rodgers told LBC’s Matt Frei the SNP leader could complete her goal of joining the trading bloc as an independent nation in the long-term. However, he warned Scotland will only be able to join the European Union after leaving the United Kingdom and both processes would take several years. 

Mr Frei said: “Nicola Sturgeon has said again that she would want to have an independent Scotland, when it becomes independent, to re-join the European Union.

“How realistic is that?”

Sir Ivan replied: “Well, it may be realistic over the long-term but Scotland would have to have a full accession process with the European Union.

“That is a matter of several years, those several years would begin after the Scots have left the United Kingdom.

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“So it is a decade-long process if that is what we are talking about.”

The SNP leader’s dream to rejoin the European Union as an independent Scotland has been branded “crazy” by a Scottish Conservative councillor.

Tony Miklinski told two-thirds of jobs in Scotland are linked to the United Kingdom and the European Union.

He added Scotland has just got their freedom back from European bureaucracy and questioned the logic behind the SNP’s ambition to rejoin the trading bloc. 

Indyref2: Sturgeon warned Scotland would 'suffer' by Miklinski

Mr Miklinski said: “The bottom line is that two-thirds of the jobs in Scotland depend on trade with the rest of the UK, not the rest of the world.

“So, there will be an impact on all of us if we do not get a decent deal.

“In Scotland unquestionably the jobs and prosperity very much depend on trade with the rest of the UK. The figures are undeniable.”


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“This idea that we are going to re-join the EU once we get independence defies logic.

“We have just won back our freedom, we have just won back all the rights to run our own Government.

“And we then join the EU and hand it all back to the European bureaucracy? It is crazy stuff.”

Boris Johnson has constantly ruled out granting Scotland another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

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