Rubio: Florida's Latino voters rejected Democrats' 'crazy ideas,' and 'out of their mind' radicals

Rubio: Biden’s Cabinet will have people who are ‘out of their minds’

Florida senator warns president-elect would tap radicals who would ‘undermine the vitality of the economy’

The Republican Party of the future will be a "multiethnic, multiracial working-class party," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told "Hannity" Tuesday, pointing to surprisingly strong Latino voter support for President Trump in Miami-Dade County. 

"What I mean by 'working-class party' are normal, hard-working everyday people that don’t want to live in a city where there is no police department, where people rampage through the streets every time they're upset about something, where their kids are afraid they’re going to fail a college course unless they agree with their crazy professor, where they are afraid to speak out on what they believe on some issue because they might get fired from their job or they're going to be called a racist because they wear a 'MAGA' hat or have a Trump sticker on their car." Rubio told host Sean Hannity.

Pundits have spent the week discussing what Trump did right and Biden did wrong to win over non-White voters in the Sunshine State. According to Rubio, it was the Democrats' embrace of "crazy ideas" and the party's abandonment of traditional American values that drove away the growing voting bloc. 

"One of the things we also forget is that these are people that work hard and they don’t want their small business shut down," he explained. "They take the pandemic seriously but they have to make a living, and they are tired of seeing their job sent to another country and everyone telling them in both parties, 'Well, that’s just the way it works.' Well, it’s not working for them and they don’t like crazy people, and a lot of the elements that control the Democratic Party today are crazy."

Rubio clarified, "I’m not saying every Democrat is crazy, but I am telling you that people who are crazy and have crazy ideas have an extraordinary amount of power and influence in that party."

While the senator stopped short of using that characterization in reference to Joe Biden, Rubio warned that "his administration — if there is one – is going to have people in that cabinet that are out of their minds. 


"The 'defund the police' people, the Green New Deal people, the people who want to do all kinds of things that undermine the vitality of this country’s economy, the people who don’t believe there should be any immigration law."

On the topic of immigration, Rubio explained that the issue "is important in Hispanic communities, but it is offensive to presume that just because you are an immigrant and you live in an immigrant community, that you think we shouldn’t have immigration laws.

"I think that is the arrogance that comes from the far left that people reject," he asserted, "and voted for Donald Trump because of it." 

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