Jeremy Corbyn supporters prepare to OUST Keir Starmer as they plot major relaunch

In Full: Keir Starmer gives Labour's New Year message

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Beleaguered grassroots organisation Momentum, which was first formed in 2015 to help Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership bid, is the largest organisation affiliated with the Labour party. When Mr Corbyn was in charge it yielded great power over policy.

But since Labour’s disastrous defeat at the 2019 election and Sir Keir Starmer taking charge, Momentum’s power has rapidly dwindled.

After working for over a year on re-organising the grassroots campaign group, has learnt they will this year relaunch in a bid to take control.

They are seeking not only to remove the Conservatives from office but ensure any Labour Government follows their fanatical policy platform.

In a video to its membership, Momentum’s co-chair Gaya Sriskanthan issued a rallying call, saying: “After five years of growth and success, and after the heartbreaking 2019 general election defeat, now is the time to rebuild Momentum from the ground up.”

According to a document shared with members, the changes are set to be implemented by the middle of 2022 with a full roadmap expected to be published later this month.

Calling the relaunch “Refounding Momentum”, the group is planning to make a series of internal structural reforms to make the organisation “more democratic, accountable and effective in order to achieve our strategic goals”.

They say the changes will help the group be prepared for “the struggles and opportunities ahead” as they seek not only to oust the Tories but “win in the Labour Party”.

They say: “Our goal is to build a new Momentum that can meet the challenges of a new political landscape and build socialist power in the 21st century.

“And we are going to do it together.”

Sir Keir Starmer has been repeatedly criticised by Corbybnite MPs and campaigners for failing to hold the Tories to account.

They accuse him of failing to offer a bold enough vision for Britain.

He is also accused of focusing too much on trying to wrestle control of Labour from the extremist Left.

At the party’s annual conference in Brighton in September, Sir Keir made a series of internal reforms.

They included making changes to how the party elects its leader, with hopefuls needing to secure support from 20 percent of MPs to become an official candidate – up from the current 10 percent.

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The increased threshold will make it harder for a future Mr Corbyn to be elected.

Momentum said at the time: “Starmer seems determined to centralise power within the party the hands of an increasingly unaccountable Westminster elite.

“We’re not going to let him.

“Over and over again, the establishment underestimate our strength.

“They try and smash our movement, but they never succeed.”

Sir Keir said of the changes: “They represent a major step forward in our efforts to face the public and win the next general election.”

He added: “As I promised when elected as leader, the Labour Party is now relentlessly focused on the concerns of the British people and offering them a credible, ambitious alternative to this Government.

“This is a crucial step forward for the party I lead and am determined to see in government.”

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