‘I’m stung!’ Sadiq Khan skewered by ambulance driver on ‘unfair’ congestion charge

Sadiq Khan grilled by NHS worker on congestion charge

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An ambulance driver has questioned Sadiq Khan over a potential waiver of the congestion charge for those working in the NHS. Dave, from Deptford in east London grilled the Mayor on LBC over the charging of ambulance drivers returning home late after a night shift. He asked the Mayor why he was being “stung” with the charge. 

Dave told the Mayor of London: “That’s all good and well sir but we do shift work, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so I don’t actually get the option to say you know what it’s six again in the morning I’m on a night shift, I’m going to go home now because the congestion charge is coming in soon.

“I don’t get to do that with my patients, I have to basically go right I have to work to the end of my shift, return to my base operations clock off then go home, and nine times out of 10 I’m late off.

“So I do creep into congestion jobs as do my colleagues, so I appreciate what you’re saying, you’re making amendments there but we are still a valued service in London that people rely on day in day out whichever branch of the service you work into, and we are there seven days a week, three hundred five days a year, 24 hours a day.

“So I don’t understand why, because I’m not asking to do it when I’m on my off days to drive into London and not have to pay. I appreciate I’ll have to take the discharge want to drive in London when I’m on the rest day.

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“But when I’m working two hours, three hours late, which is quite common, with my colleagues, why then am I stung with that charge on top of it because I still have to pay it.

“It’s not like I can say do us a favour pay that congestion charge for me because I’m a bit skinny coming towards the end of the month.

“I have to pay it first, then claim it back so I’m still incurring a cost.

“I’ve been asking for five years to speak to you about this Mr Mayor.”

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the Mayor of London slammed Boris Johnson for “blatant lying” over the Downing Street partygate scandal.

Mr Khan told LBC: “It’s not just the arrogance of the Prime Minister, not just the hypocrisy, it’s the blatant lying. It’s the pattern of behaviour we’re now seeing.

“It’s him asking us to make sacrifices, him changing rules and then blatantly breaking the rules.

“I remind your listeners we have the Omicron variant – we’re being asked to make sacrifices – wear a mask on the tube or in shops, work from home, and so forth.


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“I know members of my family who have been in hospital recently who have not been able to see family because the hospital is following the rules and trying to keep us safe.

“Lo and behold, almost at the peak of this pandemic, the Prime Minister was blatantly breaking the rules and then lying about it.

“I think the ship has sailed now for this non-apology yesterday.

“I think members of the public now expect him to do the right thing – which will be exceptional for him – and resign.”

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