Hoey in migrant tragedy swipe as Sky host asks ‘This what taking back control looks like?’

Migrants: Peter Bone says ‘we need to make route unviable’

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Kate Hoey raged at Priti Patel and the British Government’s inability to tackle illegal immigration as she reacted to the tragic death of 27 people attempting to cross the Channel into the UK on Wednesday. Ms Hoey was challenged on whether the policy Britain has been pursuing is conducive to the country “taking back control” of the borders as Boris Johnson pledged with Brexit. The Sky News host asked: “Baroness Hoey you were a vocal supporter of Brexit.

“We now have a Conservative Government who won the last general election very much on the issue of taking back control.

“Is this what taking back control looks like?”

The peer said: “Well, of course, we have not taken back control of our border at Dover.

“It does seem absolutely amazing that over the past year or so, we haven’t been able to stop this in a way that is sensitive to the needs of some of these poor people who are coming because they are leaving sometimes very difficult situations.

“But when I was down there, what we did see was the vast majority of them are young men aged 18 to 25, they are not necessarily fleeing from tyranny or torture.

“They are coming because they want a better life – that we can understand but we can’t just have an open border for people to come.”


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