‘He’s got to go!’ Boris Johnson’s ow constituents savage PM after he ‘betrayed’ UK

Downing Street parties: Public reacts to No 10 party row

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A young man insisted Boris Johnson should have known better than attending secret parties while the rest of the country was fighting to cope with the coronavirus crisis. He then made his feelings known, admitting that Britain should wash its hands of the Prime Minister after yet another high-profile blunder that does not reflect his status. He said: “For someone in this position, you are in a position of power and in a position of leadership.

“People look up to you and people respect you.

“But that’s gonna change if you go and say one thing and do another’

Another furious man who was talking through Uxbridge city centre hoped that Britain will dispense with Mr Johnson’s services.

He said: “[I felt] betrayed really!“It’s not what you expect from a Prime Minister who is making all the rules, I think he’s gotta go!”

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A female constituent from Uxbridge was very considerate in her approach regarding Boris Johnson’s garden party antics, telling Sky News that it should not deflect from the real problems Britain is currently confronted with.

The UK still aims to strike several post-Brexit deals with the EU and the US while grappling with the soaring living costs and COVID-19.

Even though she condemned Mr Johnson for his actions, the Uxbridge resident stressed that there are currently worse issues to deal with.

She: “I don’t think it should have happened, definitely.

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“But I don’t think it should be such a big issue that it [overshadows] everything else!”

Another voter, who was wearing a crown, defused the scandal as he aimed a hilarious dig at Mr Johnson.

Alluding to the partying claims that saw him attend a garden party after work during the first lockdown nearly two years ago, the man said: “This is a business meeting until it’s a party and it’s a party until it’s a business meeting!”

A number of people then stood behind a banner that read: “UK’s deadliest strain? The Johnson variant.”


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Several users took to Twitter to offer their moral support to Mr Johnson, believing that it’s time to move on after his nationwide apology on Wednesday.

User @Davyjh1 said: “He has said sorry. That’s ok. Then isn’t it??????!”

Another user said: “In fairness, a few idiots in that clip. Where did you dig them up from? Smacks of desperation”

But the vast majority called on the country to remove him from his position.

User @lozzina69 wrote: “Apology not accepted”, while @paulwoolmore asked: “Can constituents unelect their MP?”

User @ranger70s was more damning in his verdict as he launched a scathing attack at Mr Johnson, saying: “The party is only the tip of the proverbial. It’s all the other lies like the ones that misled the vote for Brexit that even his pet minister has run away from before it all goes completely pear-shaped. The bloke’s a menace. Go back to garden bridge land.”


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