Here’s what I would have said! Brexiteer’s dire Boris warning ‘culled’ from Lords debate

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On Christmas Eve, Mr Johnson secured a Brexit trade deal with the European Union, days before the end of the transition period on December 31. The deal, based on zero tariffs and zero quotas, sparked relief in Brussels and Westminster, with the Commons and Lords passing it through Parliament over the following days.

But Baroness Fox has now revealed she, the sole former Brexit Party politician in the upper house, was “culled” from the House elf Lords speakers’ list on December 30th.

The former MEP said: “Even the paltry three minutes I had been allocated as speaking time at the historic debate was snatched from meekest at the last moment.

“I, along with about another 30 peers, was culled from the speakers’ list.

“The whips’ office was not interested in my pleading or the fact that I was the only former Brexit Party representative in the chamber.

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“It was treated as a merely administrative, pragmatic solution to an issue of too many speakers applying for slots.”

Baroness Fox was granted a symbolic address on January 7, after the deal, was approved – but even then claimed she was badly treated.

She said: “All backbench speakers were all given a mere two minutes each.

“Talk about showing contempt for the importance of the issue.

“I did what I could with the measly time allocated.”

Now, Baroness Fox’s intended three-minute speech has been released – with the Brexiteer warning she would have “preferred a clean break”.

In a speech published on Brexit Watch, Baroness Fox said: “Personally, I think the Government should have shown courage and walked away from the EU’s preposterous demands and made a clean break.”

She said she would “reluctantly” vote for it as it has “prioritised sovereignty even over trade”.

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Baroness Fox continued: “National sovereignty has been maligned as parochial, xenophobic, nostalgic nationalism – rather than the foundational basis for democratic accountability.

“Worst, in dismissing popular sovereignty as ‘populism’, too many here have revealed a snobbish, elitist disdain for the demos itself.”

She went on to praise Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage for “offering voters a rescue vehicle”.

Adding: “The only reason that Brexit is now a reality is due to those millions who determinedly use the ballot box time and again, piling the pressure on politicians to finally honour the referendum result.”

Baroness Fox also warned the Prime Minister will have to look at red wall voters and “own all decisions taken, including the unsavoury parts of this deal.

“Parliament will need to answer to fishing communities.”

She also admitted the agreement does has “flaws” but acknowledged a “democratic movement can change the course of history”.

She continued: “Yes, this agreement has flaws but its existence is proof that a democratic movement can’t change the course of history.

“In the context of lockdown Britain, when we will need every ounce of that democratic spirit, bravery and sovereign freedom to rebuild society, it will do for starters.”

And she added Mr Johnson’s deal meant the “fishing industry was sold out”.

The former MEP said: “[Remainers] are right the fishing industry was sold out, quotas negotiated far short of what was promised, but the hypocrisy of those who would have been happy to remain within the EU’s fisheries policy suddenly discovering empathy for coastal communities was galling.”

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