Georgia Runoffs Become Focus of USPS Ballot Delivery Lawsuits

A federal judge overseeing lawsuits challengingU.S. Postal Service operational changes agreed to shift the focus of the cases to ballot-delivery issues that could impact January runoffs in Georgia that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Lawyers for a civil rights group and a voting rights organization said at a hearing Monday that mail delays still pose a concern even if they won’t affect the presidential election in which former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the winner on Saturday.

“I agree on the runoffs — they’re so important and indeed could tip the balance of power in the Senate,” U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said in Washington. “We want everyone’s votes to be counted.”

Data submitted by the USPS showed ballots continue to arrive at election offices. That includes 170 ballots in Central Pennsylvania that were mailed by at least the Sunday before the election and didn’t arrive until Saturday, nearly a week later and a day too late to be counted in the crucial swing state.

“There are still some parts of the system that are not working the way they should,” Shankar Duraiswamy, a lawyer for Vote Forward, said at the hearing. “I can’t tell you these late deliveries changed the election, but that’s 170 people in Pennsylvania who went to the effort of casting a ballot in the election and now they’re not going to be counted.”

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