EU’s BREXIT PLOT: Brussels plans to keep UK tied to EU rules with exit block – EXPOSED

Mr Johnson agreed a buffer of 11 months would be acceptable for the paperwork to be signed, sealed and delivered after his January 31 Brexit deadline, as pleaded for by EU pen-pushers. But just 24 hours after Mr Johnson scored a stinking election majority of 80, the EU has said the timetable is simply not possible and now plans to lock the UK into the EU until after November 2020 and possibly into 2021. Mr Johnson has said time and time again he would not allow a fifth Brexit extension.

Another extension period would see the UK continue to obey EU rules, even in the so-called buffer zone.

It comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel was cautioned just yesterday for suddenly declaring it would be “very complicated” to conclude a deal between the UK and EU.

The remarks appeared to paint her as going back on her word and that of the EU’s.

Mrs Merkel said that “many were glad that this was a clear result and not another hung parliament where we couldn’t move forward or backward”.

She added that a no deal Brexit is “no longer a reality”.

Congratulating the Prime Minister at the EU summit in Brussels, she added that “it is good to have a prime minister who has a strong mandate”.

She added that since Mr Johnson has already said no to another extension period, “what will matter above all is that we work very quickly and precisely”.

New European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen echoed Mrs Merkel’s new sentiment on the matter.

She said a one-year trade deal timetable was “challenging”.

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