Corbyn humiliation: Approval rating worst of any opposition leader since records began

Jeremy Corbyn has received the lowest leadership satisfaction rating for any opposition leader, with a whopping 76 percent of Britons revealing they are dissatisfied with the way is doing his job. Just 16 percent said they were satisfied, according to an Ipsos MORI poll published today. Even 41 percent of Labour party supporters said they were dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn’s leadership, compared to 51 percent who say they are satisfied.

The pollsters asked 1,006 adults: “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Jeremy Corbyn is doing his job as leader of the Labour Party?”

The research was carried out from September 13 to 16 and revealed that Mr Corbyn has the worst ratings since Ipsos began collating records in 1977.

Ipsos MORI also asked the respondents if they thought the Labour leader had done a good or a bad job at handling Britain’s exit from the European Union.

77 percent said they thought Mr Corbyn was doing a bad job, with just 14 percent saying they thought he was doing his job well.

The figures were high even among Labour supporters, as almost half, 48 percent, think he has done a bad job at handling Brexit.

Just 34 percent think he has down well on the issue.

The news comes after shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry called for Labour to become a “Remain party”.

She said that party members, who overwhelmingly back Remain, would make their voices heard in a showdown debate over campaigning in a second referendum at Labour’s party conference.

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The annual rally kicks off tomorrow and may force Mr Corbyn to adopt a policy on whether the party would back a newly-negotiated Brexit deal or Remain in a second EU vote.

He has promised a nationwide poll on the issue, but refused to say which side he would back.

Ms Thornberry: “If we become the government — and I hope that we will, that we go back to Europe and say to the Europeans, ‘You know that we are a Remain party.

“You know that we want to remain. But we have to put it back to the people and be honest with people and give them a realistic choice’.”

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Pressed whether she wanted Labour to come out and say “we are a Remain party”, she added: “Yeah. It’s going to be up to the party conference what we decide our official position is going to be.”

Other key allies of Mr Corbyn, including shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, have been urging the Labour leader to adopt a more pro-Remain stance in recent months.

Local Labour groups have submitted more than 80 motions calling for the party to back Remain in a future public vote.

These will be whittled down to one or two motions, and then voted on at the conference.

The Ipsos MORI poll also revealed 78 percent of Labour supporters back a second referendum with the option of “Remain” on the ballot paper, should a deal not be agreed by October 31.

Almost 80 percent would opt for a Brexit delay until a deal is agreed and 73 percent said they opposed a no deal scenario.

By contrast, only 22 percent of Tories would delay Brexit for a deal and 77 percent said they would support a no deal exit.

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