China blamed for UK energy crisis – Beijing and Kremlin move cuts off gas supply to West

China blamed for UK's energy crisis by Iain Wright

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Former Labour MP Iain Wright has argued the “true reason” for the current energy crisis in the UK is the actions of China. He told GB News that the communist regime in Beijing has increased the import of Russian natural gas in order to feed the country’s economic recovery from the Covid pandemic. Mr Wright argued that this move by China to switch to natural gas has strangled supplies to Europe and the UK fueling the current shortages.

Mr Wright told GB News: “The real reason for this current crisis is essentially China.

“What is happening in China and the way in which we are connected in terms of that global energy system.

“China has started to increase production coming out of the pandemic.

“It has reason by about 16 percent in the last few months.

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“They are taking coal offline for a variety of different reasons partially because of climate, partially because of accidents.

“But they are relying more on natural gas.

“Russia is supplying China with more natural gas at the expense, the cost of the supply into western Europe.

“We are having to deal with that.

“This is a perfect storm.”

China energy crisis: Expert discusses possible ‘social unrest’

It comes after France 24 Correspondent Charles Pellegrin warned that moves to increase the cost of energy for Chinese households could spark a backlash against Xi Jinping’s regime if living standards decline.

Mr Pellegrin told France 24: “There are actually some reports from Bloomberg saying that Beijing is also thinking about raising the price of electricity for domestic consumers, for households. 

“This could have some pretty interesting ramifications because raising the price of electricity for households could eventually down the line lead to inflation and inflation in its turn leads to lowering living standards.

“Further down the line lowering living standards leads to social unrest.


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“Social stability is a huge consideration for the authorities here in Beijing, because stability means no one is questioning their leadership.

“So they are faced here with a bit of a tough situation.

“Because they have made these environmental targets, peak carbon by 2030, Zero Carbon by 2060.

“But they still need to keep the lights on.”

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