Britons call for bold stance against ‘entitled EU’ amid VAT row: ‘Stand up to them Boris!’

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Britons raged against the decision after the owner of a small business which sells records warned the move would leave him in “Brexit limbo”. More than 1,200 readers responded to the initial report, with many commenting that Germany’s proposed action shows EU countries cannot be trusted to treat post-Britain fairly.

One reader, whose comment was “liked” by 15 fellow readers, said it was time the Prime Minister to adopt a stronger stance when dealing with whom he has called “our EU friends and partners”.

They said they would rather see the post-Brexit trade deal scrapped and Britain revert to trading on the terms laid out by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

They said: “The sooner we move to WTO terms and remove the historic ‘entitled’ mindset of the EU citizens to just taking what they want from the UK the better.

“The EU have proven not to be friends to the UK and we should start by treating 4 million+ EU visitors in the UK in the same way they are treating expats in Spain, Italy etc.”

A second reader said they wished Mr Johnson’s government was bolder in their dealings with the EU.

Explaining their view, they wrote: “I’m still glad I voted for Brexit and would do again.

“The EU are causing more harm to their own people through bad international publicity which could damage their own future trade.

“So glad we’re out but we could do with a stronger government at present who stands up to the (our friends lol) EU.”

And yet a third person, whose comment was backed by 34 others, said London should “end the agreement” it has with Brussels as “it was never going to work because the EU are angry at losing our money”.

They added: “No deal was always the best deal.”

A fourth said: “Come on Boris, tear up your fudged deal and leave on WTO rules, also reciprocal taxes must be applied.”

Others vowed to boycott German goods in retaliation for the VAT decision.

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One person said: “There is nothing unique about the products we buy from Germany.

“The simple answer is stop buying their stuff if they stop buying ours. Its their loss in the end.”

Another man agreed, saying “Germany will lose out as Brits will stop buying anything made in Germany.”

The outrage came in response to Germany’s decision to change its VAT rules for goods imported from non-EU countries.

From July 1, customers will have to pay import charges on all goods entering Germany from nations which are not members of the bloc.

It will see VAT slapped on items valued at less than €22 (£19).

The move comes after a plan from Brussels aimed at coming down hard on VAT fraud.

The owner of a record company based in Britain hit out at the announcement.

The anonymous SME owner told The Loadstar, a freight and logistics industry news website, that they have been plunged into uncertainty as a result of the change.

The owner said: “It leaves me in a Brexit limbo right now, where I am continuing to sell stuff direct, but only low-value, under €22.

“And it is now beginning to affect our sales, with the percentage of trade with the EU dropping from 25 percent to 17 percent.”

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