‘Brexit in a nutshell’ Radio caller in furious rant at Boris Johnson ‘nonsensical’ EU exit

Brexit: 'In a nutshell' proposals slammed by caller

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Caller Tim from Letherhead lamented the loss of freedom of movement for his children and grandchildren as he hit out at Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy. The LBC caller claimed the Government had failed to show the true benefits of Brexit instead to focus on “nonsensical” policies. Speaking with Andrew Pierce, Tim said: “This is great, isn’t it? This is Brexit in a nutshell.

Let’s turn back the clock, let’s go back to the 1970s, when everything was wonderful.

“Let’s go back to imperial measures – this is all they’ve got to offer. You’ve got a blue passport and imperial measures.

“My children have lost the right to freedom of movement. It’s a nonsensical win from Brexit because they’ve got nothing else to offer.

“My children and grandchildren have lost their right to freedom of movement. My nephew and nieces have lost their right to Erasmus to go study abroad.”

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Boris Johnson hailed the return of the British blue passport as one of the key signs of the UK’s independence from the European Union.

He also insisted Britain’s withdrawal from the Erasmus programme would offer UK students the opportunity to strengthen their ties with other Commonwealth nations through a new exchange scheme.

In March 2021, the Prime Minister announced the launch of the Turing scheme which, contrary to Erasmus, will be worldwide.

He said: “The Turing scheme is a truly global programme with every country in the world eligible to partner with UK universities, schools, and colleges.

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“It is also levelling up in action.

“Unlike the Erasmus+ scheme, which overwhelmingly went to children from better-off homes, the Turing project is designed to help students across the country of all income groups get to fantastic schools, colleges, and universities around the world.”

He added: “I think students should choose the Turing project because it’s fantastic and it reaches out across the whole country.”

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However, shadow Education Secretary Kate Green at the time hit back at Mr Johnson for breaking his promise by failing to provide students from disadvantaged students with financial support to access the scheme.

Ms Green said: “The government’s rhetoric on the Turing scheme does not live up to the reality.

“While claiming to be targeting disadvantaged students, the scheme provides no support to cover tuition fees which will make accessing these opportunities impossible for many students.

“Boris Johnson broke his promise when he committed to ensuring the UK would remain part of Erasmus+ after Brexit, and he is subjecting the Turing scheme to future spending review decisions creating financial uncertainty for organisations and young people.”

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