Boris Johnson warned he has one lifeline to stay PM: ‘Never make this mistake again!’

Bill Bailey slams Boris Johnson’s ‘gibberish’

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Following outrage over revealed Downing Street parties, the Prime Minister is reportedly planning ‘Operation Save Big Dog’ and ‘Operation Red Meat’ to stay in his role. However, a commentator has said the only way Mr Johnson stays as Prime Minister is if he axes all remaining Covid restrictions in England.

Freddie Sayers, Executive Editor and Presenter at UnHerd, suggested the Prime Minister must call for an end to Covid restrictions to save his job.

He tweeted: “The best way for Boris to turn his polls around is to make a big ‘time of living in fear is over’ speech, immediately end remaining Covid restrictions, require every Covid related sign to be removed and announce that England is open for business and back to life.

“And halfway through he should say that Partygate has showed him the absurdity of trying to micromanage all society via centralised diktat – and vow that he will never make that mistake again.”

According to The Sunday Times, ‘Operation Red Meat’ sees the Prime Minister remove any remaining Covid-19 restrictions on January 26.

Other plans under ‘Operation Red Meat’ to win back voters and donors include announcing new plans to In direct response to anger over the Downing Street parties, plans are also being drawn up for a “booze ban” to end the drinking culture in “Club Downing Street”.

The Prime Minister plans to freeze the BBC licence fee for two years, unveil new plans to tackle the backlog of operations in the NHS and put forward extra money for skills and job training for the 1.5 million people who are out of work and on universal credit.

Michael Gove’s white paper on “levelling-up” the North is also being moved forward and is now set to publish in the coming weeks.

Under ‘Operation Red Meat’, the Royal Navy will also take over from the Border Force within the next few weeks in the battle to prevent those crossing the Channel in small boats from entering the UK.

Oliver Dowden, co-chair of the Conservative party, shared on Sunday Ministers are seeing “encouraging” signs plan B Covid restrictions could be lifted.

He said that while measures on working from home and the widespread use of face coverings are still set to be reviewed, he added the “signs are encouraging”.

Mr Dowden told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips on Sunday programme: “It has always been my hope that we would have the plan B restrictions for the shortest period possible.

“I’m under no doubt the kind of burdens this puts hospitality, wider business, schools and so on under, and I want us to get rid of those if we possibly can.

“The signs are encouraging but, clearly, we will wait to see the data ahead of that final decision.”

On Sunday January 16, Covid cases fell by 50 percent over a week.

January 16 saw 70,924 cases and 88 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

On Sunday January 9, the UK recorded 141,471 cases, with the country recording 754,054 cases in the week period.

However, January 16 does not include data from Scotland due to an IT error.

Dr Susan Hopkins, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) chief medical adviser, said cases appeared to be “plateauing” in parts of the UK.

She added while cases were still relatively high, there had also been a slowdown in hospital admissions.

Prof Linda Bauld, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, said Omicron cases in the UK appeared to be “stabilising”.

Dr Chris Smith, a consultant virologist and lecturer at Cambridge University, said the latest data gave him “great cause for optimism”.

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