Boris Johnson must ‘shake up the UK’ after cutting out EU ‘Brexit is not about economics’

Brexit ‘was never about economics’ says Claire Fox

Former Brexit Party MEP Baroness Claire Fox insisted that Brexit can provide challenges and opportunities for Britain. During an interview with before Boris Johnson’s historic Brexit trade deal was confirmed, Baroness Fox argued Brexit was never about economics but rather having the freedom to carve out a country’s own path. She added Boris Johnson should look at shaking up the UK market without the EU to ensure Brexit Britain can prosper.

She said: “We have really got a job on our hands, that really does present some challenges.

“I think if there is a no deal Brexit there will immediately be some problems you know.

“There would be much higher tariffs for farmers, we are aware of the fact that there would be economic challenges.

“There might well be disruption in terms of economic development.

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“However, the point about Brexit is it was never about economics.

“It was about a chance to kickstart economic development without having reference to the EU, its rulebook and its interventions.

“Therefore there should be an opportunity for the UK economy to find better ways of escaping the stagnation that it had been in even pre-Covid, where productivity was very low.”

Baroness Fox also praised International Trade Secretary Liz Truss for her work in arranging trade deals with other nations.

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She said: “I think we have also seen there has been an enormous amount of work done in the sense of trade agreements through the world.

“I don’t know if Liz Truss has had any sleep recently.

“Every time we look she is announcing another trade deal.

“In other words, the UK is more than capable of now finding new ways of doing business with countries.

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Baroness Fox concluded Brexit was an opportunity for the UK to discover how to make the country work best for itself without intervention from the EU.

She said: “There are often regulations that get in the way, tiresome, longwinded overly bureaucratic regulations.

“Very often they come from the EU so in some ways there is an opportunity to review and shake things up.

“Look at what needs to be removed and what needs to be added to make sure businesses have a fighting chance in the Brexit post-covid world.”

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