Boris’ ‘build back better’ slogan under question as Brits say ‘no one know what he means’

Boris Johnson's 'build back better' slogan under question

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GB News reporter Patrick Christys went to the streets of London to ask the public what they thought the phrase build back better meant. Many members of the public took to attacking Boris Johnson and claimed the phrase was not clear. Others added it was just a phrase and did not explain any of the ways the Government plans to improve Brexit Britain.

One member of the public said: “Build back better? I don’t know.

Another when asked what it means said: “No, I don’t know what it means.

“I don’t think anyone knows what he means.”

One woman claimed to know she did know what the Prime Minister meant by this statement.

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However, when asked to explain she struggled to give a clear answer.

She said: “Yeah, I do know what it means.

“More building, more income to the economy, better situations for people.”

Other members of the public were more critical of Boris Johnson and his slogan.

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One man said: “I think it is a useless statement.

“You can say it and it doesn’t mean anything.”

Another woman added: “Build back better means absolutely nothing, Boris is a liar.

“Anything he says, anything comes out of his mouth is utter rubbish.”

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Another added: “That is another three words that Boris Johnson likes using.

“It doesn’t mean anything and he will probably do the opposite, build back worse.”

Boris Johnson faced similar criticism after his Tory conference speech with many insisting the Prime Minister failed to get into the details of his plan for the country. 

He has maintained he is committed to his electoral pledge to “level up” all areas of the UK with extra investment.

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