As COVID spikes, our leaders have neglected the need for patient-focused, clear communication

‘The Five’ rips Biden for catastrophic COVID response, calling it a ‘winter failure’

‘The Five’ panel knock Biden administration for mixed messages on COVID-19.

As a congressman, I often talk to legislative colleagues and staff to offer needed perspective on policy. But as a doctor, I take more pride in the advice I provide to aspiring young physicians at their medical school graduation or “White Coat Ceremony.”

“Never forget the importance of ‘holding one’s hand’, or the ‘pat on the back’ when truly caring for someone.” These are simple words with a far-reaching application. As I work to improve health care policy in America, this sentiment helps guide me.

The relationship between a doctor and a patient is personal, professional, and rewarding. Bedside manner is a key part of the art of medicine. The better the relationship, the better the communication. With such clear communication comes improved care and, typically, more favorable outcomes.

Yet, in our nation’s foremost health care crisis – dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, far too many public health officials have lost sight of the need for patient-focused, straight forward communication. Time and again, people who ought to be getting it right have circulated inaccurate information or tainted the truth with ideology.

A prime example is President Trump’s leadership, which has been the focus of much of this misinformation. His Operation Warp Speed – aimed at getting COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests, to Americans on a much faster timeline than normal — was very successful. As a result, countless lives were saved, and many others have survived COVID-19 infection with minimal symptoms. Yet many critics, usually with no medical training, have been quick to criticize this accomplishment.

In the examination room, the information a doctor gives a patient must be concise and easy to understand. We need more of that from public health authorities, like Dr. Fauci, who seems to be spending more time in front of cameras than bedside with COVID patients. 

For example, we know from the vaccine trials — which included far more patients than most other trials — that even the vaccinated are still able to contract COVID-19. How many people know that? A good doctor would tell it to us plainly: even if 100% of the humans on earth get vaccinated, COVID-19 will be here to stay. Viruses produce variants. Doctors know this and ought to share it.

O doctor, where art thou?

Good doctors know that underlying adverse health conditions make one much more vulnerable to ill health and possible death when infected with COVID-19 or other infections. Otherwise healthy people had a greatly reduced risk of death from a virus that already had a 99% (or better) survival rate. Until recently, those who dared to say this were at risk of censorship by Big Tech.

In the calm of conversation with a good doctor, you’d learn that vaccines are helpful but not a complete guarantee against contracting COVID-19. 

President Biden was wrong when he said, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.” 

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen fully vaccinated patients succumb to COVID-19 – primarily patients with life-threatening co-morbidities. A spin doctor would deny this, but a good doctor would tell you the truth.

O doctor, where art thou?

As with any contagious illness for which there’s no current worldwide path of complete elimination, there needs to be a serious focus on therapeutics, getting people well, and saving lives. We’re well served when we enhance treatments that can nurture patients successfully through illness.

Monoclonal antibodies have helped many patients recover from COVID-19, and we may be able to deploy convalescent plasma for variants, if necessary. Symptoms can be managed with the aid of steroids and aspirin when appropriate. Zinc, Vitamin D, and other health supplements are helpful in bolstering our immune systems. 

Managing and eliminating obesity and other manageable morbidities will improve outcomes. Newer viral inhibitors are on the way. And yes, there are FDA-approved drugs, which “do no harm,” that countless qualified physicians have attested as helping thousands recover. Political players don’t want to say this, but a good doctor will.

While I’m in favor of vaccines (and opposed to government vaccine mandates), I also believe we can do more to establish the benefits of natural immunity for those who have recovered from COVID-19. The science of immunity has been around for centuries, and everyone should discuss this with a good doctor. It is the American way to be educated, not indoctrinated. 

Your personal health status and your medical decisions should be between you and your physician – the provider that you know and cares about you. The good doctor. 

O doctor, where art thou? And I don’t mean Dr. Twitter, Dr. Facebook, and Dr. Mandate. They’re all quacks.

Doesn’t a consultation with a caring physician sound better than a government executed vaccine mandate that comes with the threat of losing your livelihood?

O doctor, where art thou?

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