‘A bully and a liar!’ John Bercow torn apart in ferocious attack by former Black Rod

David Leakey hit out just days after Lord Lisvane, the former clerk of the House of Commons, submitted complaints of bullying against Mr Bercow to the Parliamentary Standards Authority. Speaking yesterday, Mr Leakey said: “I’m aware that two other people are considering putting forward complaints. “I appeal to anybody who has been subject to bullying to bring forward their complaints.

“In my case, he’s denied bullying me.

“In my own experience, I would call him a liar. It’s simply not true. And I’m sure there are plenty of witnesses to that as well.

“So I’m sure there will be other people coming forward.”

Mr Bercow, who was perceived by many Brexiteers as working to thwart Brexit during his time in office, has complained about the Government’s apparent decision not to offer him a peerage – but Mr Leakey told Sky News: “I wouldn’t want to make any direct comparison between the charges levelled against Harvey Weinstein in New York at the moment with the allegations made against John Bercow. They’re of a different order.

“But the film industry is no more going to recognise Harvey Weinstein for a lifetime award for his achievements in the film industry – and nor should John Bercow be given a lifetime peerage in the House of Lords.

He added: “My opinion is that he brutalised staff in the House of Commons and elsewhere, including myself in that.

“It wasn’t just those top people, it was people much further down the pecking order.

“And he tried to do it with others – politicians as well that went into his office.

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I’ve never seen anybody in my entire life treat anybody as badly as John Bercow treated regularly the people around him

David Leakey – formerly Black Rod

“I’m 67 years old. I’ve worked in the military, government departments in Brussels and Whitehall and Westminster, in business, in Parliament for seven years.

“I’ve never seen anybody in my entire life treat anybody as badly as John Bercow treated regularly the people around him. Including the leaders of the house in the House of Commons.”

In a statement issued on Thursday in response to Lord Lisvane’s complaint, Mr Bercow “categorically” denied ever bullying anyone, questioning the “curious” timing of his former colleague’s intervention as Mr Bercow seeks to become a peer.

He said it had “become increasingly obvious that the Government has no intention of honouring the centuries-old convention that a departing speaker is promptly elevated to the House of Lords” since his retirement at the end of last month.

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He said: “Indeed, it has been suggested to me that the Government actively seeks to block any other attempt to nominate me for membership of the upper House.

“I have seen in the media that Lord Lisvane is formally complaining that I bullied staff.

“For the record, I categorically deny that I have ever bullied anyone, anywhere at any time.”

Lord Lisvane, a colleague of five years, had “ample opportunity to raise any concerns about such conduct with me”, Mr Bercow suggested.

He said: “Therefore, he had not merely a right but a responsibility to act if he thought that he witnessed misconduct.

“The simple fact is that he did not at any time do so.

Even though he frequently disagreed with me on a wide range of issues, he did not once complain to me and neither did any other official on his behalf.”

Despite Mr Bercow’s denials, it was previously suggested in the Commons that Lord Lisvane possibly left his role six years ago partly as a result of being told to “f*** off” by the Speaker on at least one occasion.

Express.co.uk has approached Mr Bercow, via his agency JLA, to offer him a chance to respond to Mr Leakey’s comments.

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