My name is Fuseini Osman, a 25 year old Ghanaian. This contest aside, let me just say that On.Live is the most practical and feasible block-chain based platform I have seen so far. And trust me, I have seen a lot. It’s coming to make life so much easier and cheaper, by bringing valuable services to your door steps while creating a suitable market place for individual content creators to earn.

Please consider this use case:

Chris is a 27 year old young man, married to a beautiful nurse, with two kids. Chris and his family live in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana where he teaches Mathematics at a local Senior High School.

Three (3) years earlier, Chris had completed a first degree at the University of Ghana, Accra. Since then, he had always been determined to pursue a master’s degree in the same field of study.

His headache, however, was quite simple: the only University that offered this course in Ghana, was miles away. He therefore, could not bear the thought of having to leave his family behind for studies. Fortunately, Chris laments to his old friend, James, who suggests he checked On.Live out.   

Meanwhile, somewhere in South Africa, a local University had recently heard of On.Live and decided it was a great opportunity to start a few online courses. Luckily, they offered a one-year program leading to the award of a master’s degree in Mathematics.

So Chris checks out, finds his program of interest, and in a few minutes, he got himself enrolled into the University.

Yes, it’s that simple. All he needed to do was create a user account, which enabled him to subscribe to the university’s channel. On.Live’s chat system is available for him to make further inquiries about the program and to also upload all his qualifications to the School.

Chris also realized that investing in ONL (the only On.Live utility token that allows you to pay for any services on the platform) was much cheaper.

So, you see, in a year’s time, Chris would have graduated with a master’s degree of his choice without have to move an inch. This is how life transforming On.Live can be.    

Now, What is

On.Live’s Whitepaper says this:

The On.Live platform allows users to provide almost any service to anyone from anywhere and become a broadcaster and earn money for presenting valuable content in various business models (Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments).

For me, is a game changer. It’s here to revolutionize the video broadcast and remote consultation markets. With just one click, you could access any service of your choosing at affordable prices.

The On.Live Market Places

On.Live includes three completely decentralized marketplaces in which users are free to participate to either create own service for a fee or pay for one they need. These include:

Live Services Marketplace: this market gives individual content creators the ability to sell their services to anyone who needs them. This could be in the form of a live broadcast, in High Definition quality and most importantly in real time.

It also comes with a chat feature which enables users to send confidential documents (like medical reports or legal documentations) via a secured channel. If, for example, you were worried about getting obese and wanted to talk to a fitness trainer or nutritionist, this would be the best suited market for you.

Live Broadcast Marketplace: With the use of transcoders and a powerful B2B and B2C tech, a user could broadcast High Definition videos from one place to multiple destinations and to an unlimited number of viewers all at once. Yes, you can watch a sports game or even a music concert while it is happening, all you need to do is buy access to the broadcast using ONL tokens.

Transcoding Market: If you had high computing power, then the good news is, you could utilize this to make some quick cash by participating in the Transcoding and Relay Nodes services. You would have to specify the format and quality in which you can transcode to. What is great about this service is, usually an initial fee is allocated to cater for transcoder cost in case no one joins the broadcast.   

On.Live Payment Methods

The only currency used on this platform is the ONL token. With this, you can pay for any service of your choosing. A broadcaster within the platform may offer payment in the form of Pay Per Minute or Pay Per View depending on the type of service they make available.  Pay Per Minute, as you would guess is suitable for events like tutorials, lectures and so on, whiles one may consider Pay Per View when watching a football match or a live concert.

It is also possible to subscribe to a channel and pay fixed amounts for a particular duration of time. When satisfied with a service, On.Live allows a user to offer tips and donations to motivate service providers. Also, an in-build ad-system makes it possible for broadcasters to play their own ads and earn on advertiser ad distribution.

Security and Protection of Transactions

Are you worried about value for money, have you been a victim of internet fraud or have you lost faith in online business transactions for any reason? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then worry no more. On.Live guarantees safe and secured transactions for all its users. The platform uses smart contracts and escrow services which only release payment after customers are satisfied with provided services.

If the Recipient has any problems with service execution, he can open a dispute.  

It is after this dispute is looked into and resolved that payments would be made. In cases where services have not been rendered, funds are returned to the ordering party. What else could we ask for? On.Live gives us everything we need.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, On.Live surprises you with bonuses for early and new members. Bonuses up to 20% on any ONL purchase amount are available for members who will register in the ICO phase. Fortunately, ICO will be On Live March 11, 2018. There is still some time to acquire these amazing bonuses. What are you waiting for? Get to On.Live webpage and register yourself as a user.

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