MurAll Airdrops PAINT Token to NFT Community Members

The MurAll airdrop applies to any user who made use of, SuperRare, Async Art, or Rarible before Dec. 18, 2020. Users who interacted with those NFT projects received an allocation based on their participation of either buying or selling of NFTs.

MurAll (from a painting made on a wall) is a blockchain based collaborative art initiative that allows everyone to draw. It’s built on the principle of openness and censorship resistance. The requirement to draw – PAINT token.

The native PAINT token operates on the ERC-20 blockchain. Artists drawing on the platform pay for the ability to create with the token. The used PAINT is then burned. The drawings are also turned into MurAll NFTs. The platform allows users to draw and create their own NFTs and hold, sell or trade them as they wish.

Once made, the NFT painting is permanent and immortalized on the blockchain by burning PAINT token and creating deflationary supply shock. It can be drawn over only 21,000 times, after which PAINT will run out.

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