KPR Coin ICO: Growing High-Quality Medical Marijuana for Australia

Medical Marijuana is a controversial topic across most of the world. While in the past, many countries viewed marijuana as a taboo and a ‘drug’, the medicinal properties of marijuana have been coming to light of late and many countries have begun to loosen up their laws regarding marijuana.

While some countries are making recreational purposes legal too, medical marijuana has now been made legal in a large number of nations. Australia is one of the latest names where medical marijuana is now legal.

Riding on this wave of legal medical marijuana, KPR Medical Solutions and Renewable Mining Australia have come together to start farming medical marijuana for the nation. However, for a large-scale operation such as this, they would require funds. Instead of opting for the traditional means of fundraising that IPOs are, the companies have jointly decided to go forward with an ICO instead.

The KPR Coin ICO, which accepts funds in Ethereum in exchange for KPR Coins aims at raising funds which will allow the companies to grow high-quality medical marijuana for Australia, as well as for the world. Interestingly, unlike other ICOs which are usually about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the KPR Coin ICO is specifically for growing the medical marijuana and does not have a tech side to it.

After the ICO is done with, there will be two products at the end: the stock of medical marijuana that is grown, as well as the KPR Coins that will be distributed in exchange for the funds. Let us take a closer look at why it is a wise move to invest into the KPR Coin:

Why Should You Invest in the KPR Coin ICO:

 Investing in the KPR Coin ICO is a smart investment choice, considering the fact that cryptocurrency prices have been rising over the past few years. 2017 was the biggest year for cryptocurrencies where markets grew by 1800% on an average.

Currencies such as Ripple recorded massive gains, as high as 36,000% which is an incredible feat! The KPR Coin too will be a part of this ever-growing market – providing investors with a smart investment opportunity.

Marijuana based stocks have proven to be performing well in the Australian markets, which is a good sign for KPR Coin as it is one of the handful of marijuana based cryptocurrencies!

Finally, investing into the KPR Coin ICO would allow you to contribute towards a good cause. Medical Marijuana has been scientifically proven to ease the pain as well as provide a number of other medical benefits for patients fighting a number of ailments, including cancer. So far, over 10,000,000 KRP Coins have already been pledged even before the ICO started.

 The KPR Coin ICO and Token Sale

 The KPR Coin ICO aims at raising a minimum of $30 Million to set things into action. With these funds, the company aims at starting off the business, buying the lands and setting up power generators to start the mining operations. Interested users can invest into the KPR Coin ICO by getting more details from the official website at

For those users who sign-up and invest into the KPR Coin ICO, they get an opportunity to enter the referral program. This referral program allows the users to invite their friends to invest into the ICO. For every investment their invited friends make, the invitee gets bonus reward coins!

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