With IPCHAIN Database, Intellectual Property Theft is a Thing of the Past

With the innovative blockchain-powered IPCHAIN Database, users can now protect, share or transfer their intellectual properties such as artworks, research results, and all other forms of intellectual properties, in a safe and highly secure way.

IPCHAIN Database is focused on disrupting the traditional systems of storing and protecting intellectual properties. It uses the decentralization power of blockchain to store highly valuable intellectual properties in a safe and tamper-proof manner.

The excellent functionalities of IPCHAIN have made it win the hearts of stakeholders and heavyweights in the Intellectual property ecosystem like IP Law firm, Dennemeyer Group, WIPO Green (a brainchild of the World Intellectual Property Organization) top Universities and research firms.

The need to completely protect intellectual properties using Blockchain technology was highlighted in a recent article in the official WIPO magazine. Storing intellectual properties using the distributed ledger technology will greatly secure the creations of artists, researchers, inventors and even firms.

It’s no news that blockchain technology is the most secure way of storing data. IPCHAIN uses this revolutionary technology to protect all valuable intellectual properties of users in a fast, easy and highly secure manner, making IPCHAIN the best protection for IPs.

IPCHAIN is built in such a way that makes it easy for users to securely share their intellectual properties by uploading all non-disclosure agreements to the Blockchain network. Also, IPCHAIN offers a secure marketplace that facilitates the transfer of intellectual properties, properly documenting all transfer of ownership and contractual agreements.

That’s not all, IPCHAIN Database is highly efficient in the storage of highly sensitive company data as well as other confidential documents.

In essence, the platform addresses all data storage and security needs of innovators, academicians, and business organizations.

This revolutionary program will be launched in the last quarter of 2018. The company will organize an official token generation event to introduce IPCHAIN tokens to users. The Token presale begins on March 24, 2018.

IPCHAIN in Brief

As said earlier, IPCHAIN database uses blockchain technology to offer users a tamper-proof storage for their intellectual properties.

It is the best solution for establishing proof of the first authorship via defensive publication.  It also makes it easy and secure for users to transfer intellectual properties.

The platform works in compliance with WIPO standards.  Users of the IPCHAIN database have evidence of being the real owners of their intellectual properties. This evidence can be used in legal proceedings and will be accepted as proof for prior art at patent offices, globally.

IPCHAIN publication can be used with patents, copyrights, and papers in scientific journals to act as a highly functional intellectual property management tool, which offers immense benefits to stakeholders.

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