Invox Finance: A Blockchain-Led Revolution in the Invoice Financing Sector

The blockchain technology is changing the way we know organizations, systems, and industries to work. One of the most significant advantages that this technology brings in is that of transparency and accountability. The blockchain technology has been implemented in many systems – the latest being the invoice financing industry, Thanks to Invox Finance.

Invoice financing is a term which many people in the world of business and finance are aware of! For those who may not be aware of what Invoice financing is, it is the process which involves businesses selling off their due invoices to financers at a discounted price. After the credit period ends, the financers can claim the money from the customers. Valued in at USD 2.85 Trillion, it is getting increasingly popular around the world.

Invoice Financing as an industry is picking up the pace! Particularly in the western regions such as Europe and America. However, one of the most significant problems that it faces is that of transparency. Invox Finance aims at bringing transparency in the Invoice Financing system with the help of blockchain technology!

Understanding Invox Finance

Invox Finance is an invoice financing platform based on the blockchain technology. It offers a decentralized network and a peer-to-peer invoice financing system. The Invox Finance system ensures that all the parties involved in the invoice process – such as the buyer, the seller, and the broker, etc. can interact with each other and provide relevant information which helps in transparency.

Features of the Invox Finance System

The Invox Finance system is the perfect system for invoice financing. Let us take a look at some of its features and benefits that they offer –

Diversification of Funds: Invox allows individual investors to choose a business and buy their invoices. Moreover, not just an entire invoice, but even fragments of the invoice can be purchased. For example, if there’s an invoice worth $10,000 – an investor can buy $100 worth of an invoice from the main invoice.

The Invox Token: Transactions on the Invox Finance system take place using the Invox token cryptocurrency. Buyers and sellers who verify the transaction would be rewarded with this currency.

Dynamic Invoices: Because these are public ledgers, any changes made to the invoices would be reflected in all the parties involved. Users can see these changes being made in real-time.

Decentralized Nature: The Invox Finance system is a decentralized system, which allows all the parties to distribute information with ease. No one party holds control over the data of the invoice and every individual involved has the same amount of power.

Invox ICO: Get the Invox Token Now!

To become a part of the Invox system and get hold of the Invox tokens, you can just take part in the Initial Coin Offering from Invox. Using these Invox tokens, you can buy a yearly subscription using the Trust Member Program. For more details on the program, as well as the ICO, log on to

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