Fiduxa set to use Blockchain Technology to Change the Recruitment Game

The Fiduxa blockchain platform is focused on making the recruitment process an exciting and easy one.  The team has spent over 12 months developing the system.

The platform is built in such a way that make the sharing of trusted digital records between job seekers and their potential employers, thereby drastically reducing time spent recruiting as well as costs.

Organizations often find it a tedious task gathering and verifying job applicants’ resume. This huge challenge increases the operational costs as firms often go out of their way trying to make sure they hire the right person.

Fiduxa will eliminate all the challenges companies encounter during the recruitment process.

Job-seekers will be required to upload their CVs onto the Fiduxa platform. They’ll certify and normalize their skills and qualifications to meet up with international standards.

Employers will have access to the uploaded information and the recruitment process goes on smoothly. This process makes it easier for firms to employ new workers as they will no longer need to manually carry out workers’ verification operations since the entire process is handled by blockchain smart contracts.

The Fiduxa platform also allows users earn passive income with their data. When users certify their skills and competencies, they get rewarded with the Fiduxa FDU token, which is the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem.  Firms that also need the uploaded employee data will also need to pay with the FDU coin.

The Fiduxa team is determined to take over the $550 billion recruitment ecosystem using this highly decentralized and transparent system which makes the recruitment process easy for employees and employers of labor.

The platform also functions as the single source of truth for digital records of competencies as firms can easily check out the authenticity of its employees’ career document.

The founder of Fiduxa, Pietro Marchionni said that:

“We have a great team with great ideas and a unique certification process with Artificial intelligence algorithms in development to improve rating results. Fiduxa enables users to earn from certifying creating a wealthy ecosystem.

We also have onboard people that seat in standardization bodies for skills, this is a great advantage as many people use the same tag for really different skills. Finally, we have our investor in ISO standardization group for blockchain, we are at the leading edge of blockchain technology.”

To join the Fiduxa movement, please do the following:

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Key Forecasts

Fiduxa will immensely help the recruitment ecosystem.  Experts have predicted that the Fiduxa project will be a huge success and will achieve the following milestones:

Fiduxa will start handling at least 0.1 percent of the recruitment market in three years time ($550 million)

Within 5 years Fiduxa will be taking care of 0.0 percent of the market, which is about $4.95 billion

The above estimates represent the total usage of the FDU coin only not the total turnover of the firm.

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