Decentralized Network World Wifi Wants to Solve the Connectivity Problem

The importance of having an internet connection in the modern world cannot be understated. A good chunk of our lives revolve around it and the benefits of this interconnectivity it has brought about are indeed vast. Yet, there are many place in the world where this oft-taken for granted luxury is unavailable, or at least very difficult to connect to.

Imagine instead of tons of locked hotspots around, being unused for the most part but unavailable there were open routers available to those who needed it. This can be seen in larger cities somewhat, with companies placing hotspots around for subscribers but this on a larger scale and for the majority of people is yet to be realized. With more than 76 percent of the world’s population not able to access the internet cheaply, World WiFi is looking to change this.

You can find out more about how World WiFi will achieve this change in the video below:

Benefits to Users

The concept here is built on the back of sharing services such as Uber and Airbnb as well as using the opportunities that the blockchain has provided to simplify transactions as well as lower costs.

Owners of routers will be given the ability to “host” hotspots that users can use. The owners will earn revenue from the users via World WiFi’s platform that is based upon the blockchain.  

This combination will allow a huge coverage of areas around the world, as anyone with a router and service may set themselves up as a host. Additionally, for the user, this service will be free of charge via advertisement.

When a user connects to an owner’s router, they will have to view a small advertisement. This advertisement will allow them to connect to the web, while the revenue earned will be sent to the owner’s wallet via smart contracts on the blockchain. It’s a win-win for both parties that is also providing a community service.

Benefits to Advertisers

The brilliance of their mission plan goes beyond the benefits for the users and owners, it also provides a much needed boost for advertisers.

Generally speaking, it is difficult for advertisers to pinpoint exactly the best ads to show the targeted audience. In some cases it works well, but there’s a lot of missing data to truly tailor a campaign in the best way possible.

Within World WiFi, however, the case is different. Each user profile will be tailored based on search history, location, gender, age, social media profiles, and much more to achieve a level of demographic targeting that is very difficult to achieve through most outlets.

Additionally, World WiFi offer extremely high levels of campaign tracking through the platform for advertisers. By recording this onto the blockchain, there is no way for World WiFi to misrepresent any of the data they are presenting to advertisers. World WiFi is offering 100 percent honest advertising campaigns with the tools to allow the advertiser to see and make changes for themselves on their mission.

World WiFi definitely has the potential to catch on, and in a big way, as there is a huge untapped resource in opening up the closed routers in the cities and towns around the world. This first of its kind solution may very well become common place in the near future, opening up internet to those who need it and lowering the overall costs of owning the internet for the router operators.

To find out more, you can read World WiFi whitepaper here.










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