Daneel ICO раздает 2500€ за идею

Press Service Daneel announced the merger with the payment system Amon.

Artificial intelligence and everyday tasks

Amon specializes in the field of financial technologies and is working to create a crypto-currency debit card for every day. The company wants to change the understanding of ordinary users about the crypto currency. Many reasonably believe that it is uncomfortable to use the crypto currency, and because of the high volatility it is also dangerous.

Amon Card solves two tasks simultaneously

  • Currency exchange in real time
  • Working with volatility through AI Amon AI (AIIS)

Amon's artificial intelligence system mitigates the high volatility of the crypto-currency market by choosing those coins or tokens that have the best price at the moment. In the future, it is planned to add additional variables, such as the volatility of the whole of the crypto currency, historical data, news and other factors that will be taken into account with support in decision making.

Cooperation Daneel и amon is beneficial to everyone, because teams tend to make cryptomir closer to the average user, simplifying and increasing its reliability.

Daneel social network

Daneel helps to keep abreast of the most reliable news, analysis of emotions in the market, to more efficiently and profitably manage the crypt portfolios, while Amon guarantees the maximum return and use of investments in everyday life. All these benefits are now possible due to the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Teams work closely with each other to understand how they can exchange experiences and bring maximum benefits.

Competition from Daneel

The Daneel team is open to feedback and is ready to accept any ideas from its users. Moreover, it is ready to reward constructive and useful ideas with the sum up to 10 000 DAN (€ 2500)! Moving on linkand by entering your feedback data, you can suggest ideas for improving the service, and perhaps your community will celebrate the decision with a cash prize.

After a short registration procedure, 4 categories are offered, in which you can offer your idea:

  1. Information about the market (news).
  2. Mood about the market
  3. Trading recommendations
  4. Portfolio Management

It is necessary to write short and capacious. Participate in the competition and it is possible that your ideas will be the most valuable!

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