Cosima and Avazu Innovates the Blockchain Industry with the Launch of DATx

Cosima Foundation in collaboration with Avazu officially introduces DATx, a new Blockchain advertising platform with a global coverage.

DATx has a core team member of over 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX experts, senior executive members from Avazu.

DATx Blockchain technology, a combination of artificial intelligence and big data solutions is determined to resolve the tasks that are peculiar to the digital advertising world by moving away from a generic one-for-all approach.

It has the ability to showcase complete user behavioral patterns, from when the advert was received to how it was viewed. As a result of this transparency, advertisers can shuffle their audience to get the relevant users.

As of now, the fastest Blockchain is only able to support tens of thousands of transactions which is far below the industry’s advertisement need. DATx has a plan of creating a decentralized protocol which will have the capability to support one million transactions per second. To achieve this, pans are already on motion to develop robust data storage and a better consensus mechanism.

DATx aims to finally evolve into an advertising ecosystem that enhances value creation in its five-year roadmap.

It also aims at developing an all-incorporating set of effective secure and benefit maximized advertising ecosystem with the help of Blockcahin technology and artificial intelligence and big data solutions resolve industry-specific challenges.

The first advertising platform that is compatible with DATx is Avazu, Avazu will make it possible for DATx to customize traditional advertisements and acquire its customers. Currently, Avazu supports 100 million Daily Active Users (DAU) and has the capacity to process one million request per second.

It is pertinent to note that its official cryptocurrency, DATx token is now open for sale to interested investors with a total of 10 billion DATx tokens issued.

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