Price growth Ethereum, background and forecast

Despite the fact that the price of Ethereum recently does not show such results as last year, the new fund, approved by Ethereum co-founder Vitaliy Buterin, has its own cryptoarmony for further conquests.

The hidden project has a design similar to the popular superhero team called "The Avengers", Ethereum also gathers powerful allies for its own purposes, the new alliance includes: Cosmos, Golem, Market, Global Blockchain Labs, OmiseGo, Raiden and Tenderment.

All these companies are developing decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform, which in some ways makes them competitors.

However, they have a common interest in strengthening the Ethereum ecosystem, since the stronger it is, the better its chances against rival chains.

With this in mind, they created the Ethereum Community Foundation (ECF). In a broad sense, this opens the lines of communication between the disparate projects on Blockchain Ethereum. More specifically, they are creating a grant program to finance individual projects.

"My expectations about Ethereum have grown, but the work is not over yet", – Vitaliy Buterin said in an interview with one famous crypto publishing.

Over the years, experts have been convinced that Ethereum has the advantage over most of the crypto currency. This news is direct proof of this. Such projects can not boast of any crypto currency, Ethereum moves the entire industry forward.

Of course, so far this did not affect the price of Ethereum, at the moment one ETH token costs 942,75 $. Nevertheless, investors will eventually notice the fruits of these labors. Now we see that Ethereum starts to grow, and we predict its price in 1 500 $ in the second quarter of this year.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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