P2P-platform Localethereum has launched an update

New design and other universal functions are promised by Localethereum.

Localethereum P2P-platform created similarly to LocalBitcoins and LocalMonero.co andopen in September 2017 year.

Today, the Localethereum tweet team announced the launch of a "serious update". The service received a "completely new design" and "new universal functions".

Of the important changes, we can note the modernized proposal management section. There is also a function to "suspend everything" for traders with a large volume of trades.

The old navigation menu was replaced with the new one. The current information does not require searches, the transition to other pages is carried out with one click, describes the change the service team. It is also alleged that the platform has become more friendly with respect to users who do not speak English.

Particular attention is paid to such innovation as the "Price Equation". Localethereum reports that many users have requested to implement this function. Using the equation of prices, you can write simple or complex code for trading, based on the information of many exchangers.

The team of Localethereum promised to provide in a short time a detailed guide to the new features.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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