WorldWifi: Using Blockchain Technology for Free Internet Services Around the World

“Use the Internet wherever you are for free, and let the advertiser pay for it” – that’s the motto of the project which aims to make the Internet truly global and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Nowadays, people can’t imagine being without the internet – it connects our phones, our laptops, our cars, even our appliances and facilitates money transfer. However, strange as it may seem, approximately 7.6 billion people have no access to the Internet today, and the reason is cost – some just cannot afford the average monthly fee, which varies from $3.4 to $197.7.

WorldWifi wants to solve this major problem and aims to build a free, global Wi-Fi network. The concept envisions sharing access, with guests connecting and router owners getting cryptocurrency in exchange.

It’s a win-win concept as the user gets connectivity and the owner generates profit. There is one more link in this chain – advertisers. They deliver ads through the router and pay the owner for them.

WeToken (WT) is a utility currency that the owner gets for each ad preview. The number of tokens received may vary depending on the target audience of the ad.

“Our platform incorporates Big Data technology used to collect and analyze non-personal data and user activity, which allows advertisers to target their ads to those who are more likely interested in them,” comments Ilya Yashin, co-founder and CEO of the project. “WorldWifi is based on successful existing business in Wi-Fi  access points and Wi-Fi advertising networks with a vision to “go global.”

WorldWifi ICO details

The pre-sale ends in three weeks. During this stage, the bonus starts from 15%, and the project will issue the investment instrument SAFT (Simple Agreement for the Future Token), which will be active until the platform launch and WeTokens allocation.

The token sale stage will run from March 18 to April 18, 2018 and tokens will be distributed after the sale is completed.

If you’re interested in the WorldWifi ICO, you can visit the official website or follow the project on Twitter and Telegram.

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