Will Ripple Hit $3 Again?

As one of the few crypto technologies designed to support banks and financial institutions, Ripple has been the subject of controversy and discussion ever since it launched back in 2012. Some consider the glory days of XRP as having passed us by, whereas others believe that its creators are playing the long-game and that the best for Ripple and its associated technologies is yet to come – so, can Ripple reach the $3 mark again?

Playing catch-up

The consensus of most crypto speculators is that Ripple will exceed its three-dollar record – but it could take a long time. During a previous spike, a run on the currency saw unprecedented boosts, with many choosing to sell their share of the currency shortly after. Those who held on, however, may have to play the waiting game before they witness any real return on investment – and it might not be in 2018.

Fear of missing out

Many critics credit the hype and momentum surrounding Ripple at its launch for the $3 valuation – something which has happened with many different cryptocurrencies over the years. As the initial expectation begins to die down, many investors opt out, thereby negating the value of the coin. That’s not to negate the potential of Ripple (XRP) – it just means it may take a while for its real-world applications to kickstart any sort of real-term appreciation based on technology instead of hype.

Momentum elsewhere

Perhaps the biggest drawback for Ripple comes in the form of other crypto activity – currencies like Litecoin, Cardano, NEM and NEO are all announcing exciting new partnerships and real-world eCommerce implementation which helps to boost the profile, the popularity and ultimately the value of these coins. Ripple, on the other hand, is very much tied to the banking and finance industries within emerging markets, which means it could take time before any tangible growth is witnessed.

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