What Is The Theta Token?

The Theta token aims to disrupt the video delivery industry by issuing its tokens to streamers, eSports players and others; much like some cryptocurrencies reward gamers.

So, what is Theta? The team behind this new token is hoping to disrupt the online video industry in a particularly spectacular way. It can be costly to deliver videos in some parts of the world, and this is where Theta will come into its own. The decentralised peer-to-peer network will improve this delivery, whilst decreasing the cost of it, by creating an end-to-end infrastructure.

Theta aims to solve all the current problems, such as high costing and low quality videos, by introducing decentralised video streaming over blockchain technology. This will result in a smoother and high quality streaming experience. It will also reduce the cost, and viewers will earn Theta Tokens as a reward when they watch the video. Another way in which tokens can be earned is if they share bandwidth and resources as part of a network.

Theta has an awful lot of potential, and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. The platform on which these dApps have been built can actually be used to tackle a number of different industries, from eSports to enterprise conferencing.

The Theta token has been designed to reward viewers, and those who decide to share their bandwidth with the Theta network. These tokens can also be shared with content creators in order to provide incentive for future content creation. It will take time to develop this platform, with the current focus being on developing the Theta blockchain. The tokens have been integrated in to the SLIVER.tv eSports platform, with the native network being set to launch later this year. Once this takes place, the ERC20 tokens will be exchanged for native blockchain tokens.

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