Twitter Users Say ‘Coinbase Has No Spine to Relist XRP' Here’s What’s Happening – Coinpedia Fintech News

Members of the XRP Army questioned CEO Brian Armstrong’s decision to delist XRP in 2020 when he promised to “keep fighting” for economic freedom on Thursday. To get Ripple’s native coin back on Coinbase’s list, the army has been fighting and #RelistXRP has been trending on the social media platform Twitter. 

Amid the rumors about the SEC banning staking, Armstrong took to Twitter and wrote, “We will keep fighting for economic freedom — our mission at Coinbase. Some days being the most trusted brand in crypto means protecting our customers from government overreach.”

Since then, XRP enthusiasts and traders have blatantly started requesting that Armstrong relist XRP and a specific user stated that Armstrong had severely “let down” the XRP community.

The users cannot keep calm and are asking the executive when the asset would be listed on the stock exchange. One of the users said, “Coinbase were never forced to delist XRP. Coinbase just chose to delist.  So they can choose to relist. XRP has yet to be declared a security.  Just accused of being a security by SEC.”

“Coinbase and others should immediately list XRP after LBRY’s legal team and Deaton succeeded in getting the SEC to confirm on the record that secondary market sales of cryptos, for example by exchanges, do not constitute securities transactions,” Twitter user Eviszen wrote.

Another person highlighted, “Coinbase also claims “they don’t list securities”. Seems like delisting XRP opens them up to more legal issues than if they simply stuck by their original decision.”

Since the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020, cryptocurrency exchanges have decided to halt trading in XRP for their U.S. operations. Coinbase specifically cited the legal battle over XRP between the SEC and Ripple as justification for its action.

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