TRON Accelerates Launch of Main Net, Test Net Coming in March

After months of speculative hype, the TRON project plans to release the main net sooner, migrating from the Ethereum-based token.

The TRON project already has established partnerships, and even added an appealing crypto collectibles game, TRON Dogs. However, the project still lacks a proprietary blockchain, and the TRX digital asset exists as an Ethereum-based token. Now, the project has announced its intentions to accelerate by one month the launch of the main net, from the planned date of July 1 to May 31.

The test net will come even sooner, on March 31. Yet the TRX market price remains locked in its current levels around $0.05, as the enthusiasm from the end of last year has dissipated.

The chief source of liquidity for TRX remains the Binance exchange, and the TRX/BTC trading pair remains one of the most active, returning to the top position in the past days, after being out of fashion for a while. At this point, some believe the TRX price is beginning to look better once again, with the possibility of another price spike.

TRX trading volumes are rising tentatively, but at this point it is unknown if TRX will return to higher activity levels, or slide to lower volumes. Trading is accelerating on Asian markets, as TRX is in the top 10 or top 5 of most traded coins on Binance, Huobi, Bithumb and Upbit.

The TRX price has hovered sideways for a while, making investors see this as a concerted effort to manipulate the market. TRON has been criticized as a dubious project for a long time, and has been seeped in pessimism after unraveling from the December rise.


The TRX price is yet to take off on the Bittrex trading that started this March 1. For now, Bittrex has a much lower weight as a percentage of TRX trading. Also, the TRON community is much bigger in Asia, and international interest in the project may make the coin a bit less popular for trading as well.

Still, the TRX digital asset may have another shot of becoming a top 10 coin and remaining at the top a bit longer than last time.

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