Traders Demanding More from Brokers, CMS Prime Answering the Call

The retail brokerage landscape continues to see sizable changes in 2021 with companies looking to adjust to a new status quo. Finance Magnates spoke with Amarnath Rath, CEO of CMS Prime for his perspective on the company’s outlook and expansion.  

How has Covid impacted the industry and how has CMS Prime managed to get through this period?

Nobody saw Covid-19 coming and its impact on the retail industry has certainly been significant. Virtually every market was affected by Covid though this resulted in more opportunities for brokers and traders alike.

By and large, retail traders were positioned to take advantage of assets like never before, which was reflected in surges in trading volumes and volatility. This was also true at CMS Prime, having seen its client base grow globally and its volumes soar in 2020.

For CMS Prime, the most important goal has been to meet client demands and stay one step ahead of these trends. This includes exposure into the most popular CFDs and asset classes that retail traders are asking for.

With an influx of new clients, many traders’ preferences have also changed, which is something the company has been cognizant of.

CMS Prime has always had an eye on its future. In what ways is the company poised to grow and what are its longer-term plans?

CMS Prime was already positioned to grow before the pandemic, and the entire situation has created new opportunities for all sorts of traders. This in turn has helped fuel trading volumes and an expansion of our basket of assets on offer.

With volatility showing no signs of slowing down, we will continue to offer our clients the best availability of assets for trading. This includes expanding our CFDs on offer and increasing the number of cryptocurrencies for trade, among other assets.

Our white labeling opportunities are also very competitive and beneficial for partners as well, which we see continuing to expand in 2021 and beyond. Our versatility is the main pillar of our business, and in this respect, we see growing interest and opportunities for IBs and other partners.

The past two years has seen an influx of newer traders. What advice do you have for this demographic of clients that are just learning the market?

Newer traders are often very misunderstood by retail brokers. Often many brokers are just out to earn profit and do not hold an interest in the actual performance and longevity of clients.

CMS Prime prides itself on retention and keeping its clients happy. This includes informing them of best practices and giving them access to assets they want to trade. Furthermore, we believe education is a central requirement of any successful trader and place a premium on this type of information as well as other resources.

Does CMS Prime offer any partnership opportunities?

CMS Prime offers white labeling opportunities for both the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. This solution delivers all end-to-end components to quickly start or expand your own FX business.

In addition to gaining access to CMS Prime’s robust asset suite, partners can benefit from some of the industry’s best trading execution, hosting and administration, and affordable setup fees. CMS Prime also provides multi-asset liquidity to brokers.

With no hidden charges and a fully customizable MT4/5 white label solution, partners can easily reduce their IT and server cost as well, while taking advantage of access to fully transparent liquidity and 24/7 dedicated support.

Why should traders choose CMS Prime?

CMS Prime offers unparalleled trading conditions curated to meet and exceed all expectations from both professional and novice traders. By offering accesses to the global markets CMS Prime enables trading services for both private and institutional clients.

As a fully licensed broker, CMS Prime has created a secure trading network consisting of high-end trading technology and prestigious partnerships, all of which enable CMS Prime to be a transparent, secure and reliable broker. At CMS you can have the best trading experience.

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