Problems and Solutions in the Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult entertainment industry has several problems that directly affect the level of development of this field of activity.

Everyone will agree that the most significant problem in the functioning of services that provide sex services is the fact that the profession of sex workers and the consumption of such services are not universally recognized as legal. Because of this, the industry was supplanted into the shadow economy, and many problems for workers have been created.

For example, people working in this field do not have access to social security advisory services, tax advice and training programs are also difficult to obtain. In some cases, the sex industry workers have poor working and living conditions, lack of health insurance, accident insurance and pension insurance. To fight against these problems our company “bitcci” created speacial training programme “bitcci Academy”. In this programme we will work on all the need of sex workers. “bitcci Academy” developed in the sich way to cover all aspect of the work and private lives of adult entertainment workers. We will work on onboarding events, will pay attention to workers safety and health, will improve management and start using “bitcci” tools such as app, communication, payment, etc. Our training programme consists of solutions to the complex problems that exist in the adult entertainment industry.

Training for sex industry workers

Also, certain difficulties arise in matters of labor legislation, because if such activities are not legal everywhere, then it is difficult to correctly coordinate some issues with the legislation. People working in this area often face problems they cannot solve by themselves. Every entertainment and fun has a downside. And “bitcci” knows about this side. “bitcci” community stated that thanks to their ecosystem, it is possible to solve any problems associated with the sex industry. 

In addition, there are many challenges specifically for businesses in the sex industry. A lot of companies and businessmen are forced to work in the shadows and at half their capacity due to the fact that the adult entertainment industry is not legal everywhere. However, with ”bitcci”, this situation will change. And we are talking about the complete legalization of the provision and consumption of sex services.

The blockchain company “bitcci”, which is based in Switzerland, develops and implements solutions to these problems, using innovative technologies and an unconventional approach to the adult entertainment industry. Among its core missions, «bitcci» is providing the sex industry, nightclubs, sex workers and sex work in a new way and initiating unreal changes in this area. The company is developing a unique “bitcci” ecosystem, which should help change the attitude of society towards sexual services and their consumption, and show that it is a truly professional business that deserves respect. “bitcci”, in collaboration with regulators, plans to develop transparent, modern and effective solutions that will eliminate the negative consequences for the industry.

Moving out of the shadow

To move the sex industry out of the shadow economy into a position of social tolerance, the company will conduct events to present to sex workers the benefits of participating and registering in the “bitcci” ecosystem legally and without any restrictions. The company plans to undertake a number of events to improve the working conditions of sex workers, and create a system of nightclubs of the future. And you know what is the best thing about it? That you can become a part of this whole process. Joining “bitcci” community is easy and the benefits are really surprising. Starting from the opportunity to become an investor at an early stage and increase your capital, to receive unique services in clubs and online using “bitcci” cash tokens. At the moment, the number of “bitcci” community is about 1000 holders. And this is just the primary token pre-sale.

At the moment, “bitcci” is developing solutions such as a government interface for the “bitcci” Systems IT platform, transparent accounting systems that are available to all participants in the process, and tax accounting and payments.

“bitcci” strives for uniform regulatory approval for establishments in individual countries. Once an agreement about EU countries will be reached on this issue, “bitcci” plans to apply this solution globally. It means that “bitcci” nightclubs chains will consist of new, modern high-tech buildings with innovative design, equipment, and improved workflow. And it will be everywhere.

It is already clear that the sex industry will change. And one day, between a soda machine and chocolate bars, you will see a “bitcci” machine, because sex will always be the main human need.

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