The price of NANO is growing, what will happen next?

The price of NANO (XRB) started a new growth, starting from 8 dollars for a token, this crypto currency was able to overcome the threshold of 10 dollars, and after and at 12 dollars, at the moment its price, according to coinmarketcap, is 15,27 US dollars.

The last few days were very successful for this digital currency, as it began to move up, its maximum cost in this period was 17,50 US dollars. The price formed a short-term top and began to move back to the 15 dollar mark.

What will happen to NANO?

However, if the price continues to bear a bearish mood, there is a possibility that it will be able to fall back to the level of 12 dollars. Earlier this level was resistance for NANO, and now it can act as support.

Once the current correction is completed, the price can resume and start moving up to the mark of 17,50 US dollars, and it is possible that NANO will continue. The final goal for traders in the short term may be a price of 20 US dollars. The overall picture for XRB is safe, but if the price falls below 12 $, then it will be difficult for it to recover its positions.

Earlier, we reported that, that the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, praised the NANO system, he reported on Reddit and Twitter.

If you want to learn more about this crypto currency, you can do this by reading the full review on our website, by clicking on this link.

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