Patientory Present at the HIMSS18 Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas

Patientory connects medical doctors, patients, and caregivers via its blockchain platform. The firm will be present at the Las Vegas conference and would use the opportunity to present a demo version of its platform at the event.

HIMSS is an exhibition that holds once every year. It’s a 30,000 square foot exhibition that demonstrates the interoperability imperative for bringing health and care together.

Patientory is an encrypted blockchain platform that stores health records of its users on the blockchain, making it easily accessible to doctors and all authorized persons that may need it at any point in time.

The platform allows doctors, caregivers, and patients to have access to important health information in real time.

Blockchain technology gives the system a high level of security, therefore patients don’t need to worry about their privacy. All medical records are stored in encrypted formats, ensuring a high level of confidentiality at all times.

The founder and CEO of Patientory, Chrissa McFarlane said that:

“We are thrilled to participate in HIMSS, to demo Patientory Core: Part 1 and continue our global mission to transform healthcare and provide a solution that supports better healthcare outcomes through improved data access and management.”

The Patientory team will be available at the event to demonstrate how the mobile app works.

The HIMSS is a key event for the health sector. Over 45,000 doctors, health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from all over the globe, attend the annual event.

Participants always gain a lot from the platform. Highly informative health topics are discussed by health experts, various health gadgets will be on display and also participants will be able to network and share ideas with reputable personalities. To get more information about the HIMSS interoperability conference please visit

Patientory is determined to change the way doctors, patients and caregivers interact and share sensitive health information, in a way that eliminates all constraints.

HIMSS in Brief

The initiative is focused on improving all areas of the health sector. HIMSS creates predictive models and tools that help all stakeholders in the health sector adhere to best practices in health IT.

It’s a nonprofit organization that is poised to facilitate best uses of technology in the healthcare sector. The HIMSS headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, with other offices in North America, Europe, UK, and Asia.

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