Optimizing Investment Banking Costs, Banca Is Shaping Crypto Asset Management

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers and other global traditional investment banks and with the outburst of the global financial crisis of 2008, the trust in the system got a major hit. Authorities were interrogated and it seemed evident that a third party with centralised operations is not a right option to place your investment funds. This led to the development of blockchains and cryptocurrencies to make a system which is free from centralised control and manipulation.

Banca, an investment bank of cryptocurrencies is one of its kind platform which has beautifully combined blockchains with artificial intelligence and big data processing, leading to a quintessential amalgamation of benefits of the traditional system with latest technology.  It will cover almost all businesses of traditional investment banks, including four aspects: primary market, secondary market, OTC digital financial services and basic services. It is infused with intelligent search which allows users to quickly find accurate information and services.

The analysis of big data provides ratings for each member’s business level, professional skills, and reliability. Business terms are automatically determined using smart or intelligent agreements. Every bit of business data is recorded and open, transparent & tamper resistant reports are generated automatically. Also, business processes are continuously optimized via AI. All the project performance data is continuously tracked and entered into the database by Banca. As the first platform servicing investment bank businesses by using big data & artificial intelligence, Banca is at the forefront of the industry.

Coin AI is the digital currency central to this investment banking platform. It can be used by clients to conduct an in-depth analysis of digital tokens and compare the investment value and risk of different currencies and to obtain the prediction for the future trend of tokens based on artificial intelligence and big data smart beta market timing models. An optimum portfolio can be easily built as per the risk assessment done by the users on their own. The returns are far higher than that of Bitcoin, while the risk is far below than that of Bitcoin; based on the dynamic management of the optimized portfolio on token fund and outstanding old back-testing performance.

Banca’s AI system predicts accurate future movements of tokens by mining hidden information from historical transaction data and from deep behavioral records. From a user’s point of view, a smart contract can be regarded as an automatic guarantee account. A traditional contract means that two or more parties agree to do something in exchange for something or not, each party must trust each other to fulfill their obligations. But smart contracts does not require fulfillment of such conditions because the smart contract is not only defined by the code but also by the code, mandatory to be completely automatic and uninterrupted. Smart contract system contains trigger conditions in order to decide whether to implement a transaction on the basis of event description information. When the trigger condition is satisfied, the smart contract automatically sends the trigger to proceed with the transaction. Due to decentralised systems and processing by intelligence, the transaction fee or the information fee is really low for users.

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