NFT Gaming Company Guild of Guardians Raises $2M USD In One Hour

Guild of Guardians, an NFT-based mobile blockchain role-playing game (RPG) published by the Australian team of Immutable and developed by Stepico Games, recently completed the first wave of its Founder’s NFT Sale, a collection of soon-to-be-playable in-game NFTs, ranging from $200 to $100,000 in price. In total, the sale raised $2.9 million in the space of 24 hours, with $2 million raised in the first hour alone.

NFTs have exploded in other applications such as art, sports collectibles, music and are now set for prime time in gaming. Players spend $100 billion a year on in-game items which they don’t truly own. Players deserve to be able to own and trade their assets for real money, and Guild of Guardians changes that with their free-to-play mobile RPG where in-game items are NFTs. Guild of Guardians, was also recently selected for the exclusive Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs Season Six program, supporting startups creating products and services that have the potential to transform the entertainment industry.

Derek Lau, Game lead for Guild of Guardians, said: “In wave one alone, we managed to achieve more than $3 million in sales,133,270 pre-game registrations, and sell almost all of the NFTs on offer. In addition, the community response has been incredible. Over 50% of all sales came via referrals — indicating that the community was sharing with each other, and there is a real ‘share-to-earn’ aspect in place.”

Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized collective of nearly 15,000 players and investors who generate yield from NFT-based games, was one of the first to participate in the Sale. Founder Gabby Dizon said: “We are always looking for the next good play-to earn-games, and Guild of Guardians piqued our interest. We spoke to the team, and we’re happy with what we found; they have polished graphics, interesting gameplay; we like that it is mobile-based and that they have the guild system, which is perfect for what we do, so it ticked all the right boxes for us to come in and buy assets for the game.”

YGG secured one of only ten “Mythic guild” NFTs for $100,000. The highly coveted NFT allows entry for up to 50 players and provides the guild owner a 10% cut of guild crafting. For YGG’s members, this translates to tangible, real-world income.

According to Dizon, players in the Philippines (which had an unemployment rate reaching as high as 17.7% during the pandemic) have been playing games in the Guild and earning $300-$400 per month — 33% higher than the average monthly income in the Philippines.

“Being able to turn gaming into a career is a groundbreaking notion for many, and we’re pleased we are able to facilitate a future where career-based gaming is a reality. But rather than ‘play-to-earn,’ we want to instill the idea of ‘play-and-earn’ — ensuring that players are not just playing to make money alone, but playing for fun and great gameplay as well,” Lau said

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